Zack: The foundation of our relationship is actually in church. I got involved with somebody else. 

Joanne: Several others!

Zack: Several, it was one other person!

Joanne: Mmmhmmm

Zack: (Laugh) Ok several she says.

Joanne: He’s being mixxy. He acknowledges his mixxiness.

Zack: But i do, I actually have faith that I will not screw up again.

Jason: My name is Jason. Umm, I have been playing the piano for 9 years. I am 16. I want to save up for college.

Tommy: I like to help people, when I was in 4th grade 5th grade. I was told that I should either be a preacher or a lawyer, because I like to argue, and I to talk a lot. I didn’t want to be a preacher, so I wanted to be a lawyer

Megan: My brother is married to Carrie, Carrie is my sister-in-law. The happiest I am ever is when all my love ones is in one spot together. Its just no pressure, no thrills, nothing just a chill good happy time. 

Mr. Hovander: I was studying Romanian in college. I got a scholarship to go over there. It was for one year, went over to Romania and ended meeting her and ended up staying for three more years. 

Mrs. Hovander: He cooked for me, and Romanian guys don’t cook.

Mr. Hovander: Our first date I cooked some spicy pork, and nothing over there is spicy, and so she wouldn’t even touch it.

Steve: I would like to travel back and meet President Buchanan, who is supposed to be our first and only gay president. Just to sort of see if I can’t drag Aunt Fancy out the closet. I mean the rumor is that he is our quote unquote bachelor President. Spent most of his life with another man an never married, I mean I just want to see if its true. 

Houghie: The happiest moment of my life was when I arrived at the theater as saw the long line of people waiting to get in to see my show that I wrote. It stretched around the block. The name of the show was called “Extra Virgin”, it was apart of the New York Fringe Festival. I worked on it for about a year. 

Jennifer: Back in the day, my dad was like; “You can’t have your real name on there! You have to come up with like you know your internet handles.” Like this is not a ‘cb’. I don’t need like some fake name. Now people just don’t understand why my email address has like nothing to do with my real name. #email #internethandles #name #drawingsofhumans #hony #realname #address 

Tom: I was getting admitted to the college of my chose. It was a very special night. I came in from work busting tables, it was like 4:00 a.m.. I woke up my parents, they were really happy. They were like crying, they were so happy. So it was a pretty special night. 

Cole: I didn’t think I was destined to be happy. And then I got sick when I was like 19. I didn’t want to live. Sometime during my cancer treatment I decided that one day to have a family, I need to experience literature and art, those are the things that got me through. 

drawings of humans